Suitable for everyone

For ages 8 - 80+ we can provide a fun and proven program for learning to play guitar. Suitable for complete beginners through to dedicated improvers, let us find out how we can help with your goals.


We have years of experience in playing and teaching both electric and acoustic guitar in different styles including blues, rock, metal, classical, fingerpicking and more.

Tailored to you

Everyone wants to learn to play guitar for different reasons, and we all learn in our way.

At My Guitar Bristol we really listen to what you want to learn. You may want to play a certain style like rock, blues, or modern acoustic fingerpicking. Tell us your favourite song and we'll get you playing it! 

We are able to offer advice in getting your first guitar or a present for another, as well as gear advice. Also learn from gigging knowledge and use our in-house recording to hear your progress.

See real progress

Getting better means having a plan, knowing the steps, and being able to adapt to an individual.


With a clear set of steps to work on, proven plans, and years of tricks and tips to help out when you just aren't getting it - having an experienced set of eyes can really help with any areas of development.

Call 07787 414 175 for your free taster lesson - no obligations. Let's find out how we can help you today.

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